Photographer Devon

If you're looking for a photographer in Devon that can capture the true personality of your event, then you need look no further than my services here at Sam Baker Photography. I have spent many years as a professional photographer, and have offered my services to customers hosting an enormous variety of events.

I have provided expert level photography services for a wide range of stage and theatre performances, with galleries of my work available for the Devon youth theatre and dance from 2010 to 2013, the African Odyssey and numerous private clients.

For customers that wish to be captured looking their best at parties, balls, proms, weddings and christenings, I am always happy to lend a hand. I make sure to mingle and be lost in the crowd so I can take pictures of guests in their most relaxed state, and I am always happy to take formal and fun photos, to best capture the highlights of the occasion. 

I have always been a lover of animals, and have always strived to capture that in the pictures of them I take, ensuring that I capture their personality as well as I do with people. I can be hired for private photos, and I have also performed voluntary work, taking photographs for charities such as the blue cross and the PDSA.

Galleries are available on my website for your viewing pleasure. I am proud to be able to offer my clients a service of high quality that promises to leave them with photographs that perfectly capture the best moments, and giving them something that will last them for a life time.

If you'd like any further details or wish to hire me, please don't hesitate to call now on 01392 861296 or 0777 979 3135 or email me at