Portrait Photographer Devon

Portrait photography, also known as portraiture, is the collective process of photographing a single person, or group of people. This creative art form can help to display personality, expression and the mood of the subject in a way the photographer or subject wishes to be portrayed. With portrait photography it is often desirable to capture the subject's face in sharp focus, while other less important elements, such as a background, can be rendered in soft focus. With the use of sharp focus and soft focus this allows viewers of the photograph to easily distinguish the mood of the subject in question.


Sam Baker is a well established and leading portrait photographer in Devon, and she also captures photographs for weddings, performances and events. She has worked closely with a number of clients over the years, and she works with all of her subjects to allow them to be portrayed in the way they wish to be portrayed. She is an experienced photographer, with many years experience, and she can tailor and adapt her skills to work with each individual project.


Sam is aware of the importance of portrait photography, and she is aware that it is pivotal for her subjects to be portrayed in the finest light. With this in mind she will ensure the lighting is not too dark or too bright and is indeed just right, and she will ensure the pose matches the subject's individual requirements. Poses are extremely important when capturing portraits, and Sam will ensure her subject's poses are elegant, intense or emotional, for example, depending on specific needs.


Her passion for photography is formidable, and she expresses her passion with her captivating photographs. Her portrait photographs are awe-inspiring and they are destined to portray each subject in a way which they may have never imagined. She is enthusiastic and devoted to photography, and she will ensure her photographs match your requirements in every way possible.


If you require additional information regarding Sam's work, or if you would like to get in touch with Sam to make a booking please call today on: 0777 979 3135. Alternatively please email Sam Baker today on: sambakerphoto@yahoo.co.uk and she will be happy to assist you.